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Back Pain After Running? Here’s What to Do to Help

Running is an excellent form of aerobic conditioning for the body, but it can be harsh on the spine. Many people experience lower back pain after running. Pain doesn’t have to slow you down, though. Using proper form and training, you can minimize back pain after running and get back […]

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Back Strains vs. Sprains — What’s the Difference?

Your back sees a lot of action on any given day. Whether you’re bending to pick something up, lifting your kids or stretching to reach for something on a high shelf, any one of these actions can lead to a sudden ache in your back. Your back is an intricate […]

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Least Invasive Surgery vs. Minimally Invasive Surgery

At Spine Institute of North America, we use the term “least-invasive surgery” to describe our procedures instead of “minimally invasive surgery.” You may have heard of the latter, but not the former. Minimally invasive procedures and least-invasive procedures certainly overlap, but they are still two distinct approaches. Do you want […]

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3 Signs That Your Knee Pain May Be Originating in the Back

When your knee aches, you undoubtedly start to wonder what could have caused it. Did you take a wrong step or twist your knee in an unusual way? Both of these scenarios are possible, but there might be another culprit. If you struggle with knee pain, back issues could be […]

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