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6 Fall Activities for Those With Back Pain

It’s almost autumn. This season calls for delicious food, warm fires and spooky stories. But it’s not always fun when your back feels too tight to jump into leaves with your kids. That said, you can still enjoy various fall activities despite your ailments. There are several leisurely ways to […]

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Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Back Pain

If you struggle with chronic back pain, flareups and the constant care your back requires can make you feel isolated. It’s important to know that you are not alone. No one is immune to back pain, and there are many others that understand your struggle. Often, we look at the […]

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Five Things To Do in Princeton, New Jersey

Mercer County is one of New Jersey’s most beautiful and historic regions. While the city of Princeton may be small, it’s home to the top ivy league college, Princeton University. If you’re making travel plans to this famed college town, either for a visit or for treatment at Spine Institute of […]

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Can You Get Arthritis in Your Back? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you experiencing back and neck pain or a feeling of grinding when moving your spine? If you’re wondering whether you’re suffering from spinal arthritis — and what arthritis in the back feels like — know that Spine Institute of North America can help. Spinal arthritis causes stiffness and lower […]

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8 Exercises to Increase Your Hip Mobility

As the center of your body’s movement, your hips handle a high level of demand every single day. Enhanced hip mobility can make movements easier and reduce strain on your body. What is hip mobility? It refers to the range of motion of more than 15 muscles in your hip […]

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